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Park map

To help you plan your adventure in the park there are map boards at all major park entrances as well as key junctions throughout the park. Or you can download a map to take with you (updated June 2018).


For all the latest trail information at Makara Peak we use and recommend Trailforks. Not only does Trailforks have the most up-to-date trail info for Makara Peak, you can see your GPS location on the map to help with navigation, view local user-created routes, view trail statuses and reports plus much more.

There’s a free App available on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android, and you can take the trail maps with you offline – there’s no need to have mobile coverage to be able to use Trailforks. Never get lost again!

Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park on

Park signs

All trails at Makara Peak have a trail sign at the beginning and at each intersection, with key information to help you find your way around the park.

In addition to being colour coded to allow on-the-fly choices to ensure you don’t accidentally drop into an expert trail, the signs include the direction, trail name, unique trail number, distance, and whether the trail is one or two way.

The rider and walker icons are there to remind everyone that while Makara Peak is a bike priority network, and walkers have to give way to riders, it’s best if we share and be polite to one another.

Below the main trail sign are the sub signs. Grey signs indicate major landmarks (summit, skills area etc) as well as an indication of which trails are coming up next.

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Trail grading

At Makara Peak trails range from Easy through to Extreme. Always ride within your ability and check signage at the start of each trail.