Tracks closures due to Transpower replacing powerlines

The shaded yellow area showing which tracks will be closed due to Transpower work for periods over summer 2018-19.

Transpower has begun work to replace the ageing power lines that travel through Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park to Wellington's Central Park substation. This means that several tracks at Makara Peak (and Polhill) will need to be closed for safety reasons during parts of summer 2018-19, as they install new power lines between the towers.

Closure dates:

There are closure dates scheduled throughout February and March and these change depending on the weather and how quickly the work is completed. Check our Facebook page or Transpower’s Facebook page for the latest details. As of 19 February, the dates are:

  • 17th – 21st February

  • 26th Feb – 6 March

  • 10/11 March - TBC

Tracks closed

Check out the map which shows which tracks will be closed, but in summary, the following tracks will be closed when Transpower start replacing the lines:

  • Aratihi

  • Bailout

  • Koru - there will be traffic control in place, riders may have to wait 10-15 minutes before riding.

  • Live Wires

  • Leaping Lizard

  • Magic Carpet

  • Missing Link

  • Nikau Valley

  • Possum Bait Line

  • Sally Alley

  • Supa Kanuka

  • Upper Leaping Lizard

  • Upswing

Rider safety

There will be a lot more vehicle traffic in the park as they prepare for the work and transport in the necessary materials.

Transpower have put up signs asking vehicle drivers to slow and look out for bikes where tracks cross Snakecharmer and other 4WD roads in the park. But riders need to do their part and slow down, stop and look before crossing Snakecharmer or any other 4WD track - it’s probably safest to assume there will be a ute, truck or tractor there rather than be surprised.

Alternative loops and tracks

We’re lucky at Makara Peak that there are so many different options for riders. If your favourite track is closed, there’s still plenty of riding on offer. Try out the following for a change:

  • Ride into the park via St Albans Ave, head up Rimu and Miro, then up Snakecharmer to the summit. Maybe chuck in a lap of Three Brothers (part 2) and Ridgeline Extension on the way up.

  • Grovel up Varley’s from the Makara Road entrance and then either drop down Vertigo (G5) or keep heading up Zac’s to North Face (G4) or Trickle Falls (G5)/Yeah Gnar (G6)

  • From the summit, head down T3 (G4) or Zac’s (G3) and then Varley’s (G3) or Vertigo (G5) depending on your skill level.

  • Check out some of the other great riding around Wellington: Belmont, Waiu Park (WTP), Rangituhi (Colonial Knob).

  • Trailforks is your friend - check it out the website for all the latest track info and ride options around Wellington and download the app before you head out. Because you store the maps locally on your phone, you don’t need cellphone coverage to be able to figure out where you are!