Partial park closures confirmed for this summer

The shaded yellow area showing which tracks will be closed due to Transpower work for periods over summer 2018-19.

Transpower has begun work to replace the ageing power lines that travel through Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park to Wellington's Central Park substation. This means that several tracks at Makara Peak (and Polhill) will need to be closed for safety reasons during parts of summer 2018-19, as they pull the lines between towers. There will also be a lot more vehicle traffic in the park as they prepare for the work.

Rider safety

Transpower have put up signs asking vehicle drivers to slow and look out for bikes where tracks cross Snakecharmer and other 4WD roads in the park, but riders need to do their part and slow down when approaching a crossing as well.

For example, Upper Leaping Lizard crosses the 4WD track a couple of times, so it’s best to save your KOM attempts for the weekend or the evenings.

Tracks closed

Check out the map which shows which tracks will be closed.

But in summary - all the tracks in the south west corner of the park including Upper Leaping Lizard, Leaping Lizard, Nikau Valley, Possum Bait Line, Bailout, Missing Link, Aratihi, plus Upswing will be closed during work periods.

The big one is Koru which will be fully closed from the main entrance. We’ll be looking at alternatives including making Lazy Fern two way to provide an alternative climbing option.

Closure dates:

  • December 12-13th

  • February 12th-21st

  • February 26th

  • March 17th-21st

  • March 26th

  • March 28-30th

Simon O'Brien